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Intelligent creatures that love to
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Build your collection and use them across multiple games to build a universe filled with Axie Doges. These Doge NFTs are sure to woo you and grow into your most valuable collectibles.


  1. Buy/Sell thousands of unique and rare Axie Doges with our Community

  2. Breed adorable Doges & unlock rare traits

  3. Create collections & earn rewards

  4. Chase limited edition Fancy Doges


  1. Make a virtual world of your map collection

  2. Community voted virtual spaces win $AXSD rewards

  3. Connect multiple lands


  1. Play multiple games on the platform and win $AXSD tokens

  2. Hunt for treasures & collectibles as a common citizen of the map

  3. Fight Zombies to save the Planet

  4. Explore new maps


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